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Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review: The young individuals who created the trailer and teaser for “Aakasa Veedhullo,” a moving love story, had little issue piqueing people’s curiosity. Gautham Krishna, on the other hand, was both in and in control of Aakasha Veedhullo. The film premiered today, September 2, 2022, to largely positive reviews and attendance. So, without further ado, let’s get right to the point and see if the film is worth your time.

Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review


Gautham Krishna’s character Siddhu seeks solace in music after failing at love. But things become even more difficult for him when Dharma Music Production informs him that he is no longer a member of their team. Siddhu’s drinking and drug usage harmed his music career. How he handles all of these obstacles demonstrates how the plot is put together.

Cast & Crew

Pujita Poonnada and Gautham Krishna portray the key characters in the film. The film was directed by Gautham Krishna, photographed by Vishwanath Reddy, and composed by Judah Sandhy. Production was overseen by Manoj J.D. and Dr.J. Manikanta (under the names GK Film Factory and Manoj Art Creations, respectively).

Movie Name Aakasa Veedhullo
Director Gautham Krishna
Music Director Judah Sandhy
Producer Manoj J.D., Dr.J. Manikanta
Genre Love Drama
Cast Gautham Krishna, Pujita Poonnada
Editor Sashank

Movie Verdict

In numerous films, like Aakasa Veedhullo, the main character suffers from post-romantic relationship sadness. Despite the fact that he works a lot and has a family to care for, he never stops thinking about his true love. Everything about it is tired, from the story to the predictable circumstances to the mediocre performances.

Some of the movie’s love and travel sequences aren’t exactly fresh, but they’re nonetheless entertaining, so you might find yourself watching them for a while. Aside from those scenes, the film remains monotonous throughout. Aakasa Veedhullo is about a character’s journey, but the filmmaker didn’t do a good job developing Hero, so he doesn’t feel like a different person at the end. This could explain why the story’s core theme fails to resonate.

Gautham Krishna is an excellent performer who also directed the film. His first film as a filmmaker, however, was a flop. Even though the plot isn’t particularly original, the film might have looked better if a more experienced director had been in control. The rest of the cast was equally impressive.

Aakasa Veedhullo’s technical aspects are all excellent, from Vishwanath Reddy’s photography to Judah Sandhy’s soundtrack. This alone would have been enough to save the film.

Last but not least, if you’re bored, you could watch Aakasa Veedhullo.

Rating: 2.5/5

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