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Cadaver Movie Review: Two roles are being prepared for Amala Paul to play in Cadaver. As a result, she has been cast as both a producer and a lead in Sonyliv’s anthology film Victim. Amala Paul has made a name for herself on the internet. Let’s see if the movie lives up to the hype after the trailer piqued interest and the film officially premiered on Hotstar today.

Cadaver Movie Review


Police are still searching for the killer when Dr. Bhadra (Amala Paul) takes up the case of the young girl who brutally died after being gang-raped. There are no hints in the novel regarding how Dr. Bhadra and the police located the culprit after the killer leaves a voicemail claiming he intends to kill other people.

Cast & Crew

Anoop Panike directed and shot the movie Cadaver, which was written by Abhilash Pillai, scored by Ranjin Raj, and produced by Six Entertainment and Amala Paul under the name of Maiden Productions. Amala Paul also starred in the film.

Movie Name Cadaver
Director Anoop Panike
Music Director Ranjin Raj
Producer Amala Paul
Genre Thriller
Cast Amala Paul, Munishkanth, and Athulya
Editor San Lokesh


Cadaver, the latest film by Amala Paul, demonstrates that she has a distinct aesthetic and is not afraid to branch out. Cadaver, despite the difficulty of making a scary film, is one of the most intriguing recent releases. The audience is kept guessing until the very end.

An effective first scene in a thriller is critical, and Cadaver delivers this admirably by presenting the plot and the primary characters right away. Cadaver is a master of the suspense genre.

That murderer is intriguing enough to keep you interested, and the detectives’ job is captured so well that the filmmakers deserve commendation.

Even though Bhadra’s role isn’t as huge as it could be, Amala Paul performs an excellent job and we hope to see more from her in the future.

No matter how many times Anoop Panike messed up, the audience was captivated from start to finish regardless of his gaffes. Nevertheless, the primary feeling could have been written more effectively.

Aravind Singh’s film looks beautiful, but most of its scenes were shot in strong light, which is not the ideal choice for a thriller. Tech support was excellent, and the music was masterfully composed by Ranjin Raj.

Cadaver is a solid suspense film that appeals to a wide audience.

Rating: 3.5/5

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