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Country Mafia Series Review: Zee5, an online video streaming service, releases brand-new movies and TV shows every week. The next season of “Country Mafia” has been announced. The trailer was as intense and gritty as the hit series Mirzapur. Beginning right now, you may watch episodes of the Country Mafia series on the Zee5 app. To find out if this series is worth our time and if it is worth streaming on Zee5, let’s dive into a more in-depth assessment.

Country Mafia Series Review


Two friends, Ajay (Anshumaan Pushkar) and Nannu (Soundarya Sharma), left India to go to college abroad and return as Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers. A change in plans and the beginning of a campaign of retribution against Bihar’s largest liquor baron, Babban Rai, were the results of unforeseeable events (Ravi Kishan). Due to Babban’s murder of her spouse, their mother has a great deal of resentment toward him.

Cast & Crew

Ravi Kishan, Soundarya Sharma, Anshumaan Pushkar, Anita Raj, Satish Kaushik, and others are among the cast of Country Mafia. Balendu Dixit and Deepak Gupta serve as executive producers, and Shashank Raai serves as the show’s director.

Series Name Country Mafia
Director Shashank Raai
Music Director NA
Producer Balendu Dixit & Deepak Gupta
Genre Crime, Drama
Cast Ravi Kishan, Soundarya Sharma, Anshumaan Pushkar, Anita Raj, Satish Kaushik
Cinematography NA

Series Verdict

Films and television shows with vengeance as their central theme require a great deal of emotional intensity in order to resonate with viewers. It doesn’t matter how well made or interesting a movie or TV show is, it won’t draw an audience if the conflict doesn’t resonate with them emotionally. The energy needed to connect with the audience is missing in shows like Country Mafia.

Some scenes in various episodes look nice and are well-written, but the show’s emotional arcs fall flat as a whole. However, only a select few episodes will reliably pique your interest in what comes next.

Without a question, actor Ravi Kishan, who played Babban Rai, is the series’s standout performer. As a film presence, he’s fantastic, and his merciless character is brilliantly written. When given the opportunity to play a bad guy, he always rises to the challenge. Also excellent was the performance of Anshumaan Pushkar. As Nannu, Soundarya Sharma doesn’t do a whole lot to impress. In a few situations, Anita Raj actually holds her own, while in others, she goes well over the top. When given the opportunity, Satish Kaushik did an acceptable job in the role. Each and every other performer did a fine job fitting into the story’s larger scheme.

If we’re being technical, Country Mafia is just about par. Although there are some visually impressive parts in this show, they would benefit from a good background score that could take them to the next level. The cinematography is fine for the most part, though there are a few murky scenes that aren’t essential. Editing by Siddiqui Gaus is decent but may have shaved off some unneeded scenes to make the series crisper. The production values are below par.

Director Shashank Raai aimed to show a gritty, rural series with a straightforward story and a lot of heartfelt moments, but he was unable to make a strong enough emotional connection with viewers.

To sum up, Country Mafia is a mediocre vengeance story with some enjoyable moments. Zee5, an online video service, is where you may find this show for binge-viewing.

Plus Points:

  • Few raw scenes
  • Actors Performance

Minus Points:

  • Emotions
  • Intensity

Rating: 2.25/5

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