Dev Anand Hits and Flops Movies List

Dev Anand Hits and Flops Movies List: Actor-writer-director-producer Dev Anand was well-known in Hindi film for his long career as an actor-writer-director-producer. With a resume that included a slew of big-budget films, he was a familiar face in Indian cinema. After finishing his BA in English literature at the Government College, Lahore, Anand travelled to Bombay in the early 1940s (then in British India, now in Pakistan).

Dev Anand Hits and Flops Movies List

In the military censorship office in Churchgate, Mumbai, he began his work with a month’s pay of Rs. 65. A clerk at an accounting firm paid him Rs 85 a month for his services. Like his elder brother, Chetan is a member of the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA). Anand was inspired to pursue acting after seeing Ashok Kumar in films like as Achhut Kanya and Kismet.

Dev Anand Hits and Flops Movies List

S.No Movie Name Verdict Release Year
1 Hum Ek Hain Flop 1946
2 Mohan Flop 1947
Aage Badho Flop
3 Ziddi Hit 1948
Vidya Flop
Hum Bhi Insaan Hain Average
4 Udhaar Flop 1949
Shair Above Average
Jeet Hit
5 Nirala Flop 1950
Nili Flop
Madhubala Flop
Khel Flop
Hindustan Hamara Flop
Dilruba Semi Hit
Birha Ki Raat Flop
Afsar Flop
6 Stage Flop 1951
Sazaa Average
Sanam Average
Nadaan Below Average
Do Sitare Flop
Baazi Blockbuster
Aaram Flop
7 Aandhiyan Average 1952
Jaal Super Hit
Tamasha Semi Hit
Zalzala Flop
8 Armaan Average 1953
Humsafar Average
Patita Below Average
Rahi Below Average
9 Taxi Driver Super Hit 1954
Kashti Flop
Baadbaan Average
10 Milap Below Average 1955
Munimji Semi Hit
Insaniyat Semi Hit
House No. 44 Above Average
Faraar Flop
11 Pocket Maar Below Average 1956
Funtoosh Above Average
C.I.D. Super Hit
12 Nau Do Gyarah Hit 1957
Paying Guest Hit
Dushman Flop
Baarish Flop
13 Solva Saal Average 1958
Kala Pani Semi Hit
Amar Deep Flop
14 Love Marriage Average 1959
15 Manzil Average 1960
Kala Bazar Semi Hit
Sarhad Below Average
Jaali Note Flop
Ek Ke Baad Ek Flop
Bombai Ka Babu Below Average
16 Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja Flop 1961
Maya Average
Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai Hit
Hum Dono Hit
17 Baat Ek Raat Ki Average 1962
Asli-Naqli Hit
18 Tere Ghar Ke Samne Hit 1963
Kinare Kinare Below Average
19 Sharabi Flop 1964
20 Teen Devian Average 1965
Guide Super Hit
21 Pyar Mohabbat Flop 1966
22 Jewel Thief Super Hit 1967
23 Kahin Aur Chal Flop 1968
Duniya Average
24 Mahal Semi Hit 1969
25 Prem Pujari Flop 1970
Johny Mera Naam Blockbuster
26 Gambler Above Average 1971
Tere Mere Sapne Semi Hit
Hare Rama Hare Krishna Hit
27 Yeh Gulistan Hamara Semi Hit 1972
28 Shareef Budmaash Flop 1973
Heera Panna Average
Banarasi Babu Above Average
Chhupa Rustam Above Average
Joshila Flop
29 Prem Shastra Flop 1974
Ishk Ishk Ishk Flop
Amir Garib Hit
30 Warrant Hit 1975
31 Jaaneman Below Average 1976
Bullet Flop
32 Kalabaaz Flop 1977
Darling Darling Above Average
Sahib Bahadur Flop
33 Des Pardes Above Average 1978
34 Lootmaar Average 1980
Man Pasand Below Average
35 Swami Dada Flop 1982
36 Anand Aur Anand Flop 1984
37 Hum Naujawan Average 1985
38 Sachché Ká Bol-Bálá Flop 1989
Lashkar Above Average
39 Awwal Number Disaster 1990
40 Sau Crore Semi Hit 1991
41 Gangster Disaster 1994
42 Return of Jewel Thief Flop 1996
43 Main Solah Baras Ki Disaster 1998
44 Censor Disaster 2001
45 Love at Times Square Disaster 2003
46 Mr Prime Minister Disaster 2005
47 Chargesheet Disaster 2011
48 Aman Ke Farisshtey Disaster 2016

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