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Dhanush’s Nene Vasthunna Movie Review: The Tamil and Telugu film Thiruchitrambalam was a box office success, but Dhanush is not actively promoting his upcoming film, “Nene Vasthunna.” Surprisingly, neither the trailer nor any marketing materials for the film are available in Tamil. Even though the film wasn’t scheduled to be released until September 29, 2022, we will discuss our ideas and opinions in depth below.

Dhanush's Nene Vasthunna Movie Review


In the film Nene Vasthunna by Dhanush, the two major protagonists are identical twins. In Nene Vasthunna, a man and his family operate a resort in the picturesque town of Ooty.

Cast & Crew

Dhanush, Indhuja, Elli Avram, Yogi Babu, “Ilayathilagam” Prabhu, Hiya Davey, Pranav, Prabhav, Frankinsten, Sylvensten, Thulasi, Saravana Subbaiyah, and Shelly are among the well-known actors in Nene Vasthunna. Kumar, N. Selvaraghavan Is My Name. Selvaraghavan directed the film, while Kalaippuli was responsible for its production. Thanu and S. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the soundtrack, while photography was handled by Om Prakash.

Movie Name Nene Vasthunna
Director Selvaraghavan
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer Kalaippuli. S. Thanu
Genre psychological Thriller
Cast Dhanush, Indhuja, Elli Avram, Ilayathilagam” Prabhu, Yogi Babu, Hiya Davey, Pranav, Prabhav, Frankinsten, Sylvensten, Thulasi, Saravana Subbaiyah, Shelly. N. Kumar, Selvaraghavan
Cinematography Om Prakash

Movie Verdict

When Nene Vasthunna was revealed, many believed it would be another massive success for Dhanush and Selvaragavan. Nevertheless, early reviews indicated that the film would be more subdued. Dhanush and Selvaragavan have produced several classic films, such as “Pudhupettai,” “Kadhal Kondein,” and “Mayakkam Enna.”

Even though Dhanush attempted to save the film, he was unsuccessful. When the protagonist’s backstory is exposed in the second part of the film, the plot picks up speed. The childhood trauma he endured makes sense as an explanation for his odd behavior. The opening of the film is quite engaging because it provides information about the key characters and plot. The film’s premise is intriguing, but the drama is intolerable, and the narration is so slow that it destroys any momentum the first half of the film might have had.

Dhanush skillfully portrays two roles that couldn’t be more dissimilar: a family man who is simply laid-back and uncomplicated, and a psychopath who reveals himself at his best. Elli Avaram and Induja had outstanding performances, Selvaraghvan once again demonstrated his acting prowess, and the rest of the company performed admirably. People are extremely interested in the movie’s deja vu-related storyline twists.

Selva Raghavan, one of India’s best and most creative filmmakers, poured his heart and soul into Nene Vasthunn, but his plot failed to captivate audiences. His narrative, direction, and the characters he develops are all great.

Technically, Nene Vasthunna succeeds because Om Prakash was able to film gorgeous landscapes in Ooty, as well as intense close-ups of the principal actors and engaging set pieces. Even though Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs did not translate well to Telugu and Tamil, the background score was fantastic, and the rest of the technical crew did an excellent job.

Nene Vasthunna is a good film for those who enjoy seeing a variety of genres.

Plus Points:

  • Dhanush Performance
  • Premise

Minus Points:

  • Slow Narration
  • Lack of Emotion

Rating: 3/5

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