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Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Telugu Movie Review: Simha Koduri’s first film, Mathu Vadalara, was a box office success, but his second, Thellavarithe Guruvaram, was a box office flop. His current film, “Dongalunnaru Jaagratha,” was released over a year ago. It is referred to as the first survival thriller in Telugu. Let’s take a closer look at the film to determine if it’s worth seeing in theatres and if Simha Koduri will have another smash.

Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Telugu Movie Review


Raju, a small-time burglar, decides to steal a fancy SUV, but he soon discovers that the vehicle is useless. Raju is racing against the clock to stay alive inside the SUV now that an enemy is driving it. In other words, what exactly does the bad guy want? Do you believe Raju was forced to accept responsibility for what happened? Raju, how much time do you believe he has left?

Cast & Crew

In the film Dongalunnaru Jaagratha, Sri Simha Koduri plays the lead role. Samuthirakani and Preeti Asrani assist him. The film is directed by D. Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati, and Satish Tripura, who is directing his first film. Suresh Productions and Guru Films are behind it. Yeshwanth C. Garry directed the film, and Kaala Bhairava composed the score. Garry also served as the film’s editor.

Movie Name Dongalunnaru Jaagratha
Director Satish Tripura
Music Director Kaala Bhairava
Producer D. Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati
Genre Thriller, Drama
Cast Sri Simha koduri, Samuthirakani and Preeti Asrani
Cinematography Yeshwanth C

Movie Verdict

Sri Simha Koduri, the son of famed vocalist MM Keeravani, is attempting to make a name for himself in Telugu cinema by making films about strange subjects. After a thrilling and tense start, Dongalunnaru Jaagratha deviates into some amusing parts. Even though there was some exciting action in the film, it was easy to overlook it in favor of the feeling that something was lacking, making the film uninteresting. The early and last acts of the film are the most entertaining.

The majority of the sequences in the film revolve around the main character, who is trapped in a car and filmed in a small space. This makes it difficult for the actor to give a strong performance. To be fair, Simha Koduri did his best throughout the film to mask his inexperience as an actor, but the close-up views in most of the situations revealed his lack of expertise. Simha appears to have difficulty expressing feelings that aren’t amusing, although he still has space to grow in this area. Samuthirakani performed admirably, especially given the short amount of time he had in comparison to the other guest actors.

On paper, Dongalunnaru Jaagratha appears to be a promising candidate. Kaala Bhairava’s soundtrack is fantastic, and it adds to the tension of a couple of key sequences. Yeshwanth C., the cinematographer, should be commended for his efforts. Despite the fact that most of the action takes place in a car, the director attempted to convey the characters’ various points of view by shooting from various perspectives. The film’s production quality is acceptable.

Satish Tripura was daring to make his first film a survival thriller, but he might have done more to make the tale more thrilling and logical. Nonetheless, he deserves credit for introducing Telugu to a previously unexplored genre.

Dongalunnaru Jaagratha has some dull moments, but overall it’s a good survival thriller. The first survival thriller produced in Telugu is currently available in theatres.

Plus Points:

Background music


Minus Points:



Missing Thrill and logic

Rating: 2.75/5

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