Gopichand Hits and Flops Movies List

Gopichand Hits and Flops Movies List: Tottempudi Gopichand is a well-known Telugu actor and singer best known by his stage name Gopichand. T. Krishna’s younger son, Tholi Valapu, is a hero in his father’s revolutionary films. He was eight years old when his father, T. Krishna, died. He finished his studies in Chennai, the state’s capital. His father had no direct influence on him while he was a child. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Russia. He had no interest in performing or movies at the moment.

Gopichand Hits and Flops Movies List

Gopichand’s first starring role was in Tholi Valapu. His following three films were Jayam, Nijam, and Varsham, all of which featured him in a negative role. In the wake of the positive reception to his performance in Jayam, he was asked to reprise the part in its Tamil-language version of the same name. As a hero in Indian films, he returned with Yagnam in 2004 and Andhrudu in 2005. In 2006, he starred in the commercially successful but critically panned films Ranam and Raraju. 2007 saw the release of Okkadunnadu and Lakshyam, with Ontari and Souryam following suit in 2008. Having previously worked with director Siva on Souryam, he was given the opportunity to return to directing with the 2009 film Sankham.

Gopichand Hits and Flops Movies List 

S.NO Movie Name Release Year Verdict
1 Tholi Valapu [Debut as lead role] 2001 Average
2 Jayam [Negative Role!] 2002 Super Hit
3 Nijam [Negative Role!] 2003 Average
4 Jayam [Debut Tamil film] 2003 Hit
5 Varsham [Negative Role!] 2004 Blockbuster
6 Yagnam 2004 Super Hit
7 Andhrudu 2005 Average
8 Ranam 2006 Super Hit
9 Raraju 2006 Flop
10 Okkadunnadu 2007 Average
11 Lakshyam 2007 Hit
12 Ontari 2008 Flop
13 Souryam 2008 Hit
14 Sankham 2009 Flop
15 Golimaar 2010 Average
16 Wanted 2011 Flop
17 Mogudu 2011 Disaster
18 Sahasam 2013 Above Average
19 Loukyam 2014 Hit
20 Jil 2015 Above Average
21 Soukhyam 2015 Flop
22 Goutham Nanda [Dual role] 2017 Average
23 Oxygen 2017 Flop
24 Pantham 2018 Flop
25 Chanakya 2019 Disaster
26 Seetimaarr 2021 Average
27 Aaradugula Bullet 2021 Disaster
28 Pakka Commercial 2022 Average
29 Untitled Sriwass film TBA Upcoming Movies!

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