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Gurtunda Seetakalam Movie Review: One of the best actors in Telugu cinema is widely recognised as Satyadev. Telugu filmmakers frequently underutilize Satyadev and cast him in weighty roles. “Gurtunda Seetakalam,” his romantic comedy, just opened in theaters. Let’s have a closer look to determine whether Satyadev’s movie can provide romantic entertainment for viewers and whether it is worthwhile to see in a theater.

Gurtunda Seetakalam Movie Review


The main character of Gurthunda Seetakalam is a man who meets Divya by chance while travelling and tells her about his previous relationships. His high school sweetheart Ammu, college sweetheart Nidhi, and his first love Komali all make cameos. Which of these four people is selected as the protagonist will determine the course of the story; each has multiple romantic arcs that span several decades.

Cast & Crew

Satyadev, Tamannaah Bhatia, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Suhasini Maniratnam, Priyadarshi, and Harshini star in the Gurthunda Seetakalam film. Along with Rama Rao Chinthapalli and Bhavana Ravi, Nagashekar R. produced the movie in addition to directing it. Satya Hegde took the photos, with Kaala Bhairava providing the soundtrack.

Movie Name Gurtunda Seetakalam
Director Nagashekar R
Music Director Kaala Bhairava
Producer Bhavana Ravi, Nagashekar, Rama Rao Chinthapalli
Genre Romance Drama
Cast Satyadev, Tamannaah Bhatia, Megha Akash, Kavya Shetty, Suhasini Maniratnam, Priyadarshi, Harshini
Cinematography Satya Hegde

Movie Verdict

The Kannada film industry’s big hit, “Love Mocktail,” may be recognised by moviegoers. The official remake of this well-liked Kannada film, Gurthunda Seetakalam, was inspired by it. Although the movie has some scenes that will undoubtedly take us back to our college romances and first loves, the overall pacing of the movie might make you feel a little bored.

The first section, which details our romantic adventures as adolescents and young adults, is filled with amusing anecdotes, whereas the second is more depressing and reflective. The film’s heartbreaking conclusion will cause many committed couples to cry.

Everyone acknowledges Satyadev’s excellence as an actor. With his polished delivery and stoic humor, he attempts to come across as an ordinary guy in this clip. Currently, Tamannaa Bhatia is picky about the characters she plays. She delivered a standout performance in the movie. Although Megha Akash looks stunning on camera, she has no acting experience. Ammu stands out in comparison to Kavya Shetty without a doubt. Priyadarshi was successful in getting a few chuckles from his audience. The other actors all did a fantastic job with their roles.

Gurthunda Seetakalam’s technical aspects seem to be in tact. Even though the songs on the Kaala Bhairava album are soulful, you can only hear them once—in the movie itself. Satya Hegde’s cinematography is good, and he succeeds in capturing some lovely natural settings in remote locations. Sharp dialogue by Lakshmi Bhupala gives each scene its own distinct flavor. Editing could have been improved.
In order to maintain the film as a faithful adaptation of the original work, director Nagashekar stayed true to the book and made no significant changes to the plot.

Gurthunda Seetakalam makes it impossible to watch without reflecting on previous relationships.

Plus Points:

Actors performances


Minus Points:

Few dragged scenes

Rating: 3/5

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