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Jaadugar Movie Review: Jitendra Kumar, who is best known for his roles in TVF series, has released Jaadugar, a love story with both comedy and drama. This time, the actor made a movie that could only be seen on Netflix’s streaming service. Some funny things happened in the trailer for the movie. Let’s take a deep look at this movie to see if we can find a way to stream its nearly three-hour length.

Jaadugar Movie Review


Meenu, a magician from a small town, falls in love with a girl who lives there. He has to lead the neighbourhood football team to the finals of a tournament because he wants to marry the girl he loves. What do football games have to do with each other, and how did Meenu, who doesn’t like football, lead the team?

Cast & Crew

In Jaadugar, the main characters are played by Jitendra Kumar, Jaaved Jaaferi, and Arushi Sharma. The movie is made by Posham PA Pictures. Sameer Saxena is in charge of the direction, Soumik Mukherjee is in charge of the camera, and Dev Rao Jadhav is in charge of the editing.

Movie Name Jaadugar
Director Sameer Saxena
Music Director Hussain Haidry, Niloptal Bora
Producer Posham PA Pictures
Genre Comedy, Love, Sports, Drama
Cast Jitendra Kumar, Jaaved Jaaferi and Arushi Sharma
Editor Dev Rao Jadhav

Movie Verdict

Jitendra Kumar always writes entertaining scripts that are worth watching. He has made a funny and dramatic love story that has something to do with football. Even though the cast tries hard, the movie’s story and narration seem flat, even though there are many funny scenes that will make you laugh. The movie gets off to a good start with a few funny scenes and keeps going in a good way. When the football game starts, though, the movie gets boring.
Jitendra Kumar does a great job once again as a magician, a lover, and a football player on a mission. Jaaved Jaaferi is a great coach because he always makes Meenu feel good. Arushi Sharma looks beautiful and does a great job on screen as Meenu’s love interest. All of the other actors did a good job with their parts.
Technically, Jaadugar seems out of place. Soumik Mukherjee’s cinematography doesn’t live up to industry standards or what people expect. In a few of the scenes, the song Niloptal Bora by Hussain Haidry also plays loudly. Dev Rao Jadhav might have cut a few scenes if he thought the movie was too long.
Last but not least, Jaadugar is a thrilling and emotional experience that will make you laugh a little bit and is definitely worth watching.

Rating: 3/5

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