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Kartik Aaryan Freddy Movie Review: With each Hindi film he makes, Kartik Aaryan becomes a bigger star. “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” was his most recent big hit, and it made a lot of money for the people who made it. After having so much success, he made the scary movie “Freddy,” which you can watch right now on Disney+Hotstar. The teaser for the movie looked very interesting because it showed both the good and bad sides of Freddy. Let’s do a full review of this movie to see if it’s as interesting as the teaser made it sound.

Kartik Aaryan Freddy Movie Review


The movie Freddy is about Dr. Freddy Ginwala, who is quiet, lonely, and has trouble making friends. He only has one friend, a turtle named Hardy, and he likes to play with model airplanes. But nobody knows that Freddy has a dark side. The rest of the story is about how Freddy became so dangerous that he started killing people and how he dealt with other murderers.

Cast & Crew

The cast of the Freddy movie includes Kartik Aaryan, Jeniffer Piccinato, Alaya F, Tripti Agarwal, and others. The director is Shashanka Ghosh, and the producers are Jay Shewakramani, Ekta Kapoor, and Shobha Kapoor. The music for this movie was written by Pritam Chakraborty, and Ayananka Bose was in charge of the photography. Chandan Arora is cutting this movie together.

Movie Name Freddy
Director Shashanka Ghosh
Music Director Pritam Chakraborty
Producer Jay Shewakramani, Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Genre Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast Kartik Aaryan, Jeniffer Piccinato, Alaya F, Tripti Agarwal
Cinematography Ayananka Bose


The movie Freddy takes a long time to introduce Freddy as a character and even longer to show what he does every day. These scenes last longer than usual, which makes the audience quickly lose interest. When Freddy’s dark side is shown on screen, the movie starts to move faster and become more interesting. Even though a few scenes are interesting and have the potential to give us chills, we can tell that something went wrong and made these scenes look very normal. Even though the movie is a thriller, it’s hard to figure out what went wrong because none of the scenes are very dramatic. The ending of the movie is both predictable and just okay.

When it comes to acting, this movie is mostly about Kartik Aaryan’s role as “Freddy.” A few days before the movie came out, the crew put out a video showing how Kartik Aaryan changed into Freddy. Kartik has changed a lot physically, but his performance isn’t as good as it should be. Freddy is a character with a lot of room for performance. He has a lot of different sides and emotions that could make a big impact, but Kartik Aaryan’s performance didn’t make that impact, and he often seems very fake. All of the other actors did a great job with the small parts they were given, and Alaya was no different.

The way the movie is made is good. The music and sound effects by Pritam are some of the best parts of the movie. The music in the background of the movie makes the action more interesting and adds to the dark mood. In some places, Ayananka Bose’s cinematography looks great, but in other places, the framing is pretty boring. Good editing gets rid of any scenes that aren’t necessary. High quality of work.

This year, the director of the digitally released movie “Plan A Plan B,” Shashanka Ghosh, was once again not happy with his work. Even though the plot of the movie is simple, he could have made it more interesting by focusing on Freddy’s character and giving him interesting friends.

Overall, Freddy is a mediocre thriller that you can watch this weekend on Disney+Hotstar. There aren’t many really interesting scenes in this movie.

Plus Points:

  • Production Values
  • Background Score

Minus Points:

  • Routine Story
  • Predictable Scenes
  • No Thrills

Rating: 2.5/5

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