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Laatti Movie Review: Vishal’s family is from Andhra Pradesh, a place where many people speak Telugu. However, he chose to become an actor in Tamil. After “Pandem Kodi” was dubbed into Telugu and did well, almost all of Vishal’s movies were redone in Telugu. Even if his movies used to make people happy, the fact that they haven’t made any money at the box office in a long time is terrible. “Laatti,” his most recent movie, just came out in theatres recently. Read on to find out if this movie might be able to help him get over the bad luck that has plagued his career.

Laatti Movie Review


As a police officer, Muruganantham is known for always being honest and doing the right thing, no matter what. He is married to Kavitha, and his child is old enough to go to school. After being locked up in a building, Murugunatham and his 10-year-old son must run away from a group of angry people who are after them.

Cast & Crew

Vishal is the best actor in Laatti, but Sunaina, Prabhu, Munishkanth, Thalaivasaal Vijay, and Misha Goshal are also all very good. It was directed by A. Vinoth Kumar, and Ramana and Nandaa of Rana Productions were in charge of making it. All of the music in this movie was made by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Balakrishna Thota and Balasubramanian were the ones who shot it.

Movie Name Laatti
Director A Vinoth Kumar
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer Ramana & Nandaa
Genre Action, Drama
Cast Vishal, Sunaina, Prabhu, Munishkanth, Thalaivasal Vijay, Misha Goshal
Cinematography Balasubramanian & Balakrishna Thota

Movie Verdict

Vishal’s movies have done very well in the Telugu states because they cover a wide range of topics that people are interested in. This worked for a while, but now that OTT services let people watch movies in different languages and styles, things have changed. People may be excited about new plot points even before the trailer comes out.

As a commercial film, Laatti follows a formula and aims for a large audience, but it doesn’t find its footing until the second half. In the first half of the movie, nothing really exciting or interesting happens, and most of the scenes are pretty boring. The well-choreographed action scenes don’t get really exciting until the second half of the movie. This is when we can’t look away from the screen. After this long action scene, the rest of the movie doesn’t seem that interesting.

Vishal is one of the best performers around right now. His long list of movies proves this. But it seems like filmmakers only see him as an action hero who can do amazing stunts and not as a dedicated performer. Because he only has a small part, he doesn’t get to show off his acting skills in any new ways in this movie. Sunaina may not have had a lot of screen time, but what she did was important. The little boy who played Vishal’s son was a lot of fun to watch. Even Prabhu, who was the main character, did things that moved the plot forward.

There is nothing wrong with the way Laatti looks now. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s sound track and music won’t let you down. Some of the most exciting parts of the movie were made even better by his music. Balasubramanian and Balakrishna Thota’s cinematography isn’t great—most of the shots have too much color—but they deserve credit for trying to show a long war in a single, unfinished building. The best parts of the movie are the battle scenes that Peter Hein scored. The quality of the work is good enough.

Vinoth Kumar is now in charge of the business. His lack of skill was clear in the way he handled many important situations. He might not have been able to make people laugh with his jokes, but his action scenes were sure to keep their attention.

The battle scenes in the drama-action movie Laatti are, on the whole, well done. If you like seeing Vishal on the big screen, it shouldn’t be hard to see this movie.

Plus Points:

  • Fights
  • Vishal

Minus Points:

  • Routine scenes
  • Cinematography
  • Direction

Rating: 2.5/5

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