Mukhya Gamanika Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and More

Mukhya Gamanika Movie OTT Release Date: At this moment, we’ll meet another Mega Compound hero. “Viran Muttamsetty,” Allu Arjun’s cousin, will appear in his debut film “Mukhya Gamanika.” This week, the filmmaker, Maruthi, shared the teaser, which he loved. Despite being from a well-known family, Viran Muttamsetty refuses help from the Mega and Allu families. The preview included Maruthi, and director Boby showed the first song. The film was produced by Shivin Productions and directed by Venu Muralidhar, Rajashekhar, and Sai Krishna.

Mukhya Gamanika Movie OTT Release Date

Viran Muttamsetty stars as a police officer in the latest teaser for Mukhya Gamanika, an investigative film. At this point, the trailer appears to be highly engaging, and it has piqued the interest of enough individuals to see the film. Viran Muttamseety, Allu Arjun’s cousin, is expected to receive a lot of support from fans at the premiere of his film. The film’s developers recently confirmed when it will be released in theaters. The film will debut in theaters on February 23, 2024. Look forward to hearing more about Mukhya Gamanika.


The body of Constable Viran, Viran Muttamsetty’s father, was discovered near the police station on August 22. According to Viran, he is stunned that the police will not investigate his father’s death. After considering all other options, Viran began his investigation. The events that follow demonstrate how Viran apprehends the crooks.

Cast & Crew

Alongside Viran Muttamsetty and Lavanya Sahukara. I’m Muralidhar Venu. V directed the movie, and Kiran Venna wrote the soundtrack. Rajashekhar and Sai Krishna are collaborating with Shivin Production to produce the film. Shiva Sarvani is in charge of editing.

Mukhya Gamanika Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

Now that post-production is complete, Mukhya Gamanika will be released in theaters on February 23, 2024. A teaser was produced to kick off the marketing campaign, and we can expect a lot more aggressive advertising in the coming days. Venu Muralidhar V. directs this intriguing drama, having previously worked as a cameraman on Eega and Bahubali before becoming the photographer for Swayamvada. He is directing his first film, “Mukhya Gamanika.”

Movie Name Mukhya Gamanika
OTT Platform TBA
OTT Release Date TBA
Theatrical Release Date 23 February 2024
Director Venu Muralidhar V.
Starring Viran Muttamsetty, Lavanya Sahukara, and Others.
Language Telugu
Film Industry Tollywood

Mukhya Gamanika Movie OTT Release Date

The actor Viran Muttamsetty, who plays M. Viran in this film, is a police officer. Prior to Mukhya Gamanika, he appeared in the film Bathuku Busstand. It did not play in theaters, but it was available on a variety of over-the-top (OTT) channels. Bathuku Busstand was his first full-length film, but he didn’t consider it that way until now. He now officially considers Mukhya Gamanika to be his debut film. Viran Muttamsetty’s adjustment for this film ought to be praised. We hope that this film continues to be successful at the box office and inspires many more individuals.

Many little films do not receive enough attention, thus their creators should increase their marketing efforts to reach the largest audiences possible. However, it appears like Viran has struck gold; if an actor from the Mega or Allu families attends the pre-release event, the film will receive adequate attention. The makers have yet to announce when Mukhya Gamanika would be available on OTT. The film will open in theaters on February 23, 2024. It will be available on over-the-top services 45 days after its first theatrical release.

Mukhya Gamanika Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

Lavanya Sahukara portrays the principal female character in this film. Lavanya Sahukara got her start as a performer on YouTube. She appeared in a variety of short films, including Istame Kani Prema Kadanta and The Assistant Director. Following that, she appeared in films such as “True,” “Valentine’s Night,” and “Undiporaadhey.” Her debut part as a female protagonist was in the film Annapurna Photo Studio, in which she costarred with Chaitanya Rao, best recognized for her work on 30 Weds 21. She had a decent role and delivered an absolutely remarkable performance on her first appearance on stage. We sincerely hope that this film goes well and that she plays the lead female part in future films.

The teaser for Mukhya Gamanika’s film is quite amazing, but the producers must speed up their marketing if they want people to see it. It is too early to determine who gave Mukhya Gamanika’s digital rights away. The information about the streaming rights will be available after the film is released in theaters.

Theatrical Release Date: 23 February 2024

Digital Rights: TBA

OTT Release Date: TBA

Satellite Rights: TBA

Satellite Release Date: TBA

Mukhya Gamanika Movie Trailer

Mukhya Gamanika Movie OTT: FAQ

When is Mukhya Gamanika OTT Release Date and Time?

Not Declared, Mukhya Gamanika movie makers have not yet announced.

Where can we watch Mukhya Gamanika?/ Where Can I see Mukhya Gamanika?

Theatres, the Mukhya Gamanika movie will hit the theatres on 23 February 2024.

Who bought Mukhya Gamanika OTT Rights?

Not Declared, Mukhya Gamanika movie makers have not divulged yet

Is Mukhya Gamanika hit or flop?

Not Declared, Mukhya Gamanika movie has not been released so we can not say Hit or Flop

Is Mukhya Gamanika Movie available on Netflix?

No, Not Available on Netflix

Is Mukhya Gamanika available on Prime Video?

No, Not Available on Prime Video

Is Mukhya Gamanika available on Aha Video?

No, Not Available on Aha Video

Is Mukhya Gamanika Movie available on Hotstar?

No, Not Available on Hotstar

Final Words

The mystery-thriller film Mukhya Gamanika is slated to be released on February 23, 2024. Thiragabadara Saami and Masthu Shades Unnai Raa will face Mukhya Ganmanika on February 23, 2024. Pay attention to how others react to this film.

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