Nagarjuna Hits and Flops Movies List

Nagarjuna Hits and Flops Movies List: While Akkineni Nagarjuna is most known for his work in Telugu cinema, he is also an actor, producer, TV host, and businessman. On August 29, 1959, in Madras, India, he was granted his wish to be born. In addition to Hindi and Tamil, Nagarjuna has made films in both languages. Nagarjuna has received nine state Nandi Awards, three Filmfare Awards South, and a National Film Award-Special Mention. In 1996, Nagarjuna was nominated for a National Film Award for Best Telugu Feature Film for his film Ninne Pelladatha.

Nagarjuna Hits and Flops Movies ListThe Cinema of South India, alongside Ramesh Sippy and Vishal Bhardwaj from Bollywood, participated in Delhi Film Festival’s celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema in 2013. As a co-director of Heart Animation, an Emmy Award-winning Seychelles-based animation studio, Nagarjuna made his movie debut in 1995. Nagarjuna is a co-owner of Annapurna Studios, which produces films and television shows. Nagarjuna is president of the non-profit Annapurna International School of Film and Media, which is also located in Hyderabad. Listed here are Nagarjuna’s best and worst performances.

Nagarjuna Hits and Flops Movies List

Sl.No. Film Release Date Verdict
1 Vikram 23-May-86 Hit
2 Captain Nagarjun 29-Aug-86 Flop
3 Aranyakanda 29-Dec-86 Flop
4 Majnu 14-Jan-87 Blockbuster
5 Sankeertana 26-Feb-87 Flop
6 Collector Gari Abbai 8-Apr-87 Super Hit
7 Agni Putrudu 14-Aug-87 Average
8 Kirai Dada 9-Nov-87 Hit
9 Aakhari Poratam 12-Mar-88 Super Hit
10 Chinababu 6-May-88 Average
11 Murali Krishnudu 31-May-88 Average
12 Janaki Ramudu 19-Aug-88 Hit
13 Vijay 19-Jan-89 Average
14 Vicky Daada 9-Mar-89 Super Hit
15 Geetanjali 10-May-89 Blockbuster
16 Agni 9-Aug-89 Flop
17 Siva 5-Oct-89 Blockbuster
18 Prema Yuddham 23-Mar-90 Flop
19 Neti Siddhartha 15-Jun-90 Average
20 Iddaru Iddare 5-Sep-90 Flop
21 Shiva 7-Dec-90 Blockbuster
22 Nirnayam 21-Feb-91 Flop
23 Chaitanya 7-Jun-91 Flop
24 Shanti Kranti 19-Sep-91 Flop
25 Jaitra Yatra 13-Nov-91 Semi Hit
26 Killer 10-Jan-92 Semi Hit
27 Aavida Maa Aavide 14-Jan-92 Average
28 Khuda Gawah 7-May-92 Super Hit
29 Antham 11-Sep-92 Flop
30 Drohi 25-Oct-92 Flop
31 President Gari Pellam 30-Oct-92 Super Hit
32 Rakshana 18-Feb-93 Average
33 Varasudu 5-May-93 Hit
34 Allari Alludu 6-Oct-93 Blockbuster
35 Govinda Govinda 21-Jan-94 Flop
36 Hello Brother 20-Apr-94 Super Hit
37 Criminal 14-Oct-94 Hit
38 Gharana Bullodu 27-Apr-95 Blockbuster
39 Criminal 21-Jul-95 Flop
40 Sisindri 14-Sep-95 Hit
41 Vajram 5-Nov-95 Flop
42 Ramudochadu 25-Apr-96 Flop
43 Mr. Bechara 30-Aug-96 Flop
44 Ninne Pelladata 4-Oct-96 Super Hit
45 Annamayya 22-May-97 Hit
46 Ratchagan 30-Oct-97 Flop
47 Auto Driver 24-Apr-98 Flop
48 Angaarey 24-Jul-98 Flop
49 Chandralekha 30-Jul-98 Average
50 Zakhm 25-Dec-98 Flop
51 Seetharama Raju 5-Feb-99 Semi Hit
52 Ravoyi Chandamama 15-Oct-99 Average
53 Nuvvu Vastavani 5-Apr-00 Blockbuster
54 Azad 29-Sep-00 Hit
55 Eduruleni Manishi 30-Mar-01 Average
56 Bava Nachadu 7-Jun-01 Semi Hit
57 Akasa Veedhilo 23-Aug-01 Flop
58 Adhipathi 19-Sep-01 Average
59 Snehamante Idera 26-Oct-01 Average
60 Santosham 9-May-02 Hit
61 Agni Varsha 30-Aug-02 Flop
62 Manmadhudu 20-Dec-02 Super Hit
63 Sivamani 23-Oct-03 Super Hit
64 LOC Kargil 26-Dec-03 Flop
65 Nenunnanu 7-Apr-04 Super Hit
66 Mass 24-Dec-04 Super Hit
67 Super 22-Jul-05 Average
68 Sri Ramadasu 30-Mar-06 Super Hit
69 Boss – I Love You 27-Sep-06 Hit
70 Don 20-Dec-07 Average
71 Krishnarjuna 1-Feb-08 Flop
72 King 25-Dec-08 Super Hit
73 Kedi 12-Feb-10 Semi Hit
74 Ragada 24-Dec-10 Super Hit
75 Gaganam/Payanam 11-Feb-11 Hit
76 Rajanna 22-Dec-11 Semi Hit
77 Shirdi Sai 6-Sep-12 Average
78 Damarukam 23-Nov-12 Average
79 Greeku Veerudu 3-May-13 Flop
80 Sri Jagadguru Aadi Sankara 15-Aug-13 Average
81 Bhai 25-Oct-13 Hit
82 Manam 23-May-14 Hit
83 Soggade Chinni Nayana 15-Jan-16 Super Hit
84 Oopiri 25-Mar-16 HIt
85 Nirmala Convent 16-Sep-16 Hit
86 Om Namo Venkatesaya 10-Feb-17 Flop
87 Raju Gari Gadhi 2 13-Oct-17 Average
88 Officer 1-Jun-18 Flop
89 Devadas 27-Sep-18 Hit
90 Manmadhudu 2 9-Aug-19 Flop
91 Wild Dog 2-Apr-21 Flop
92 Bangarraju 14-Jan-22 Super Hit

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