RDX Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and more

RDX Movie OTT Release Date: It should come as no surprise, given the discussion in previous articles, that moviegoers appreciate seeing their favorite actors and actresses in the same scene. Audiences enjoy seeing their favourite actors co-starring in a film, which is why films with multiple stars tend to generate greater talk.

RDX Movie OTT Release Date

They have now launched a new film that boasts an impressive cast. In the meanwhile, we refer to it as “RDX: Robert, Dony, Xavier.” The film’s production formally began on December 15 with a pooja. This film stars Neeraj Madhav, Shane Nigam, and Antone Varghese, whose names you may recognize.


“RDX: Robert, Dony, Xavier” is an action comedy set in the same era as its heroes and recounts the escapades of the titular trio. As a result of their desires, three friends place themselves in dangerous positions. Due to this, they regularly indulge in irresponsible behaviour, which contributes to their undesirable reputation. The remainder of the narrative consists of subsequent occurrences.

Cast & Crew of RDX

Neeraj Madhav, Shane Nigam, and Antony Varghese played Robert, Dony, and Xavier in the film RDX. Baiju Santhosh, Shammi Thilakan, Nishanth Sagar, and Maala Parvathu also play key parts.
“RDX: Robert, Dony, Xavier” was written and directed by Nahas Hidayath, and produced by Sophia Paul under the Weekend Blockbusters banner.

As far as we can tell, Sam CS will compose the film’s score, while Alex J. Pulikeel will direct the cinematography. Richard Kevin is currently editing the picture. This film’s stunt choreography will be developed by the creative partnership known as Anbarivu.

RDX Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

Nahas Hidayath, a former assistant director on “Godha,” is currently managing two filming schedules. In addition to directing “RDX: Robert, Dony, Xavier,” he also helmed “Aaravam.” In the film Queen, he also played a little part. This will test the director’s ability to collaborate with these three young actors. He is presented with a wonderful opportunity to cast three young actors in his film.

Movie Name RDX
OTT Platform Netflix
OTT Release Date 24 September 2023
Theatrical Release Date 25 August 2023
Director Nahas Hidayath
Starring Neeraj Madhav, Shane Nigam, and Antony Varghese
Language Malayalam
Film Industry Mollywood

RDX Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

Antony Varghese has expedited the creation of motion pictures. Already, he has appeared in several films, some of which are now in development and others of which are nearing completion. The production of “RDX: Robert, Dony, Xavier” was initially slated to begin in the fall, long before the holidays. Due to the fact that the film’s star, Antony Varghese, was hurt while making another picture, the production has been halted until the actor is fully recovered. Following a brief puja, they began firing.

The production had to be rescheduled due to the illness of Antony Varghese. The scheduled start date for production is August 23. The film’s producers have remained silent regarding satellite rights and digital rights. As soon as we receive reliable information from the film business, we will update the data on digital rights and the OTT platform where the movie can be streamed.

RDX Movie OTT Release Date

Shane Nigam is currently one of the most sought-after actors in Malayalam films. He has many films in production and many more in development. In addition, he consciously chooses roles that allow him to exhibit his acting skills. Nearing completion of filming for “Vela,” in which he portrays a police officer.

Neeraj Madhav, a notable actor who has starred in films in a variety of languages, co-stars in the film alongside Shane Nigam. The initial theatrical premiere of the picture is anticipated to take place in 2023, however the directors have not yet disclosed the specific date. Only if the picture performs well in theatres will the OTT release date be determined.

Theatrical Release Date: 25 August 2023

Digital Rights: Netflix

OTT Release Date: 24 September 2023

Satellite Rights: TBA

Satellite Release Date: TBA

RDX Movie Trailer


When is RDX OTT Release Date and Time?

24 September 2023, RDX movie will be available for streaming from 24 September 2023.

Where can we watch RDX?/ Where Can I see RDX?

Not Declared, RDX will hit the screens on 25 August 2023.

Who bought RDX OTT Rights?

Netflix, RDX movie digital rights were acquired by Netflix.

Is RDX hit or flop?

Blockbuster, RDX movie has got positive reviews from audiences and critics and gets good box office collections.

Is RDX Movie available on Netflix?

Yes, Available on Netflix

Is RDX available on Prime Video?

No, Not Available on Prime Video

Is RDX available on Aha Video?

No, Not Available on Aha Video

Is RDX Movie available on Hotstar?

No, Not Available on Hotstar

Final Words

“RDX: Robert, Dony, Xavier” is another action-adventure film set in the past. The movie’s promotional poster is promising. The image displays three of the main characters with their backs turned to a group of others, suggesting that their personalities will be harsh and raw. Until we hear from the filmmakers, let’s hold off on drawing any conclusions.

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