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Saakini Daakini Movie Review: It’s unusual for a Telugu film to have two female leads, but it seems intriguing. Saakini Daakinin, starring Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra, is a straight remake of the Korean film Midnight Runners. Because the teaser for Saakini Daakini piqued people’s interest, the film was released on September 16, 2022. Read my comprehensive review to find out if this film is worth your time.

Saakini Daakini Movie Review


Shalini (Nivetha Thomas) and Dhamini (Regina Cassandra), who meet in a police training camp after coming from separate places, witness a kidnapping at midnight, which begins the plot. The rest of the story follows Shalini and Dhamini as they attempt to solve the kidnapping case. Unfortunately, they must rehearse in the same room, despite the fact that they frequently quarrel.

Cast & Crew

The cast of Saakini Daakini is led by Nivetha Thomas and Regina Cassandra. Mirchi Hemanth and Vennela Kishore play significant parts as well. Sudheer Varma directed the film, which was produced by D Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati, and Hyunwoo Thomas Kim. Mikey Mc Cleary and Naresh Kumaran collaborated on the song. Richard Prasad has been tasked with capturing photographs.

Movie Name Saakini Daakini
Director Sudheer Varma
Music Director Mikey Mc Cleary & Naresh Kumaran
Producer D Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati, and Hyunwoo Thomas Kim.
Genre Comedy, Action
Cast Regina Cassandra, Nivetha Thomas, Mirchi Hemanth and Vennela Kishore
Cinematography Richard Prasad.

Movie Verdict

The guys behind Saakini Daakini did an excellent job of adapting Midnight Runners for a Telugu audience, thus the film remains faithful to the original. Even though the plot appears simple, the film contains everything necessary to keep viewers fascinated from start to finish. The film does not improve until the story shifts to the school and becomes more fascinating there. Because of how well Nivetha and Regina get along, the first half of the film is hilarious.

The kidnapping escalates the stakes in the second act, and Nivetha and Regina’s attempts to solve the case keep the spectator intrigued until the finish. But the depressing story just didn’t work.
Both Regina and Nivetha are well-known actresses with distinct approaches. Despite the fact that Nivetha has never played Shalini before, her Telangana accent comes in handy in this film. The majority of the emotional intensity in the film is generated by Regina’s character, Dhamini, whose past is the focus of the film. The remainder of the cast, particularly Vennela Kishore, delivers excellent performances as well.

Sudheer Varma’s debut film left an effect. Super Over, starring Naveen Chandra, marked the comeback of crime drama expert and producer Swamy Ra Ra. Naveen Chandra starred in Super Over. Even though we went to see this movie primarily for the comedy, he did an excellent job reimagining it.

Despite the fact that Richard Prasad had previously done night scenes, the training scenes in Saakini Daakini were not technically well done. Mikey McCleary and Naresh Kumaran’s songs didn’t jump out, but their background music is fantastic.

Finally, you should see the comedy Saakini Daakini.

Plus Points:


Minus Points:

Thin Story Line

Lack Emotion

Rating: 3/5

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