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Salaam Venky Movie Review: Since her marriage, actress Kajol has become exceedingly choosy about the film screenplays she accepts. The last time she was seen was in the 2022 Netflix feature “Tribhanga.” When she stated that her future film would include the outstanding actress and director Revathi, audiences and critics were intrigued. The latest film “Salaam Venky,” starring Kajol and Revathi, is currently in theatres. Let’s analyse a comprehensive assessment of this picture to see whether it will delight audiences this weekend.Salaam Venky Movie ReviewStory

Sujata is a single mother who has spent many years caring for her bedridden son Venkatesh (Venky). Despite the fact that Sujata has encountered numerous obstacles in her life, she learns how to overcome them all. Everything is different after she grants her son Venky’s wish.

Cast & Crew

Kajol, Vishal Jethwa, Rahul Bose, Rajeev Khandelwal, Aahana Kumra, Prakash Raj, Priya Mani, Riddhi Kumar, Aneet Padda, Jai Neeraj, Maala Parvathi, Kamal Sadanah, and Aamir Khan are among the cast members of the movie Salaam Venky. This film was produced by Suuraj Sinngh, Shraddha Agrawal, and Vardha Kukreja. Revathy was the director of the film. Mithoon composed the score for this film, while Ravi Varman was in charge of photography.

Movie Name Salaam Venky
Director Revathy
Music Director Mithoon
Producer Suuraj Sinngh, Shraddha Agrawal & Varsha Kukreja
Genre Drama
Cast Kajol, Vishal Jethwa, Rahul Bose, Rajeev Khandelwal, Aahana Kumra, Prakash Raj, Priya Mani, Riddhi Kumar, Aneet Padda, Jai Neeraj, Maala Parvathi, Kamal Sadanah and Aamir Khan.
Cinematography Ravi Varman


The opening scenes of Salaam Venky are sweet and touching between a mother and her son. In the first half of the film, these two individuals get to know one another and build a close bond. After a few minutes of escalating emotional moments, a lull occurs. In the second half of the film, there are many more tear-jerking emotional scenes that are performed superbly. Despite the film’s lack of excitement, there are a few moving scenes and a few cameos that will leave you surprised at the end.

Kajol’s performance as Sujata is incredibly believable and endearing. People can easily relate to her character and draw parallels to their own mothers. Vishal Jethwa is an additional outstanding actor in the Hindi film industry. Even though he has only appeared in a handful of films, he has the ability to captivate audiences, whether he is portraying the pitiful Venky in Salaam Venky or the cruel Sunny in Mardaani 2. He will achieve success in the acting industry. All of the actors, including Rahul Bose, Rajeev Khandelwal, Aahana Kumra, Prakash Raj, and Priya Mani, performed their roles and the scene’s requirements admirably. Aamir Khan’s presence in the film is a plus.

From a technical perspective, Salaam Venky seems competent. Mithoon’s songs and background music enhance the mood and complement the film. Ravi Varman was responsible for the film’s cinematography, which is yet another fantastic aspect. He captured exquisite photographs that vividly depict a variety of scenes. There are no out-of-place scenes due to the excellent editing. The production value of the film is commensurate with the story it tells.

Director Revathy is not only a fantastic actor who has received numerous national awards for her work, but she is also a fantastic director who knows how to bring out the best in her cast. She did a good job of evoking strong emotions in the audience through moving scenes and characters that were well-written. Despite a few minor flaws, she was able to produce a nice, clean film that provided us with advice on how to handle difficult situations in life.

Overall, Salaam Venky is a moving and compelling film that you should watch because it was created with integrity and has a sincere message.

Plus Points:

  • Performances
  • Few emotional scenes

Minus Points:

  • Pace of the movie (May not be suitable to everyone)

Rating: 2.75/5

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