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Santhosh Shoban’s Like Share and Subscribe Movie Review: The success of Santhosh Shoban’s movies has not been dampened by the fact that his latest, Ek Mini Katha, was only available through digital streaming. With the profit from Venkatadri Express, he was able to pay comedian Merlapaka Gandi to star in his next film, Like Share, and Subscribe. After the film’s release on November 4, 2022, we can finally find out whether or not it’s worth seeing by reading a comprehensive review.

Santhosh Shoban's Like Share and Subscribe Movie Review


Following this, we see how Viplav (Santhosh Shoban) and Vasudha (Farida Abdullah) met and fell in love while on the road. The plot took an unexpected turn when Viplav and his companion met up with them in the village and they got into a battle with the Naxals.

Cast & Crew

Main characters Santhosh Shoban and Farida Abdullah are supported by the likes of Sudharshan, Brahmaji, Naren, Mime Gopi, Govind Padmasurya, Sapthagiri, Babloo, Mirchi Kiran, and Phani. The movie was produced under the direction of Merlapaka Gandhi. The compositions were written by Ram Miriyala and Praveen Lakkaraju. A. Vasanth oversaw the photography. Director Venkat Boyanapalli collaborated with the studios Niharika Entertainments and Aamuktha Creations to create this.

Movie Name Like Share and Subscribe
Director Merlapaka Gandhi
Music Director Praveen Lakkaraju
Producer Venkat Boyanapalli
Genre Comedy
Cast Santhosh Shoban, Farida Abdullah, Sudharshan, Brahmaji, Naren, Mime Gopi, Govind Padmasurya, Sapthagiri, Babloo, Mirchi Kiran, and Phani
Cinematography A Vasanth

Movie Verdict

The plot isn’t particularly creative, but the illustrations of the characters will inspire you to come up with fresh ideas. The film’s opening is effective since it introduces all the main players at once. This really immerses the reader in the story and makes them feel like they’re there. Even though the second half’s mood and plot remain gloomy for a while, the conclusion is hilarious. Nonetheless, there were a few humorous moments in the opening act.

Farida was handed a golden opportunity to prove her worth as Vasuda, and she seized it with ease. In the same way, her comedic timing is impeccable. The rest of the cast, including Sudharshan, Bramhaji, and Sapthagiri, performed a fantastic job as well, especially with their comedic roles. Santhosh Shoban did a fantastic job overall in the role of Viplav, despite there being moments when he doesn’t quite shine.

Despite a few issues in the film’s second half, Venkatadri Express, Merlapaka Gandhi’s debut feature, is a hilarious comedy. Even though he continued to make films, none of them were commercially successful. With the support of Like, Share, and Subscribe, though, it’s probable he’ll succeed.

In terms of technical merit, Praveen Lakkaraju is among the most underestimated composers because he scored several of Merlapaka Gandhi’s films, including one of the most popular albums, Express Raja. However, the music throughout the film and on Like Share, and Subscribe failed to capture audiences’ interest. In comparison to A Vasanth, the cinematography in Like Share and Subscribe is good and perhaps amazing.

Everyone can find something entertaining by Like, Share, and Subscribe.

Plus Points:

  • Comedy
  • Characters Design

Minus Points:

  • Thin Storyline
  • Lacks Emotion

Rating: 3/5

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