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Sardar  Movie Review: After “PS-1” did well, Karthi is now working on a new movie called “Sardar.” P.S. Mithran is in charge of this movie. He was also in charge of the Tamil movies Irumba Thurai and Abhimanyudu. So, when the trailer came out, people’s expectations quickly went up. Now that the movie is out, let’s find out if all the excitement was worth it.

Sardar  Movie Review


Vijay Prakash, played by Karthi, is a police officer who wants to be famous and will do anything to get there. The key plot twist happens when a key dossier with military secrets from the past goes missing from Andhra University. Vijay Prakash is scared of people who want to be in the spotlight, so he planned to become famous in India by finding the information before RAW intelligence did. Vijay Prakash found out about his father, Sardar, and what he was trying to do while he was looking for where the information was hidden. The rest of the story is about Vijay Prakash and the mission he is trying to accomplish.

Cast & Crew

Raashikhanna, Karthi, and Rajisha Vijayan from Jai Bhim, as well as Bollywood star Chunky Pandey, who is making his Kollywood debut, all have important roles in the movie. The first two movies that P.S. Mithran made were Irumbu Thirai and Hero. George V. Williams wrote and directed the movie, and GV. Prakash Kumar made the music for it. The production was run by S. Lakshman Kumar.

Movie Name Ginna
Director Suryah
Music Director Anoop Rubens
Producer Manchu Vishnu
Genre Horror-Comedy
Cast Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore, Saddam, and Naresh
Cinematography Chota K. Naidu

Movie Verdict

Abhimanyudu, which was P.S. Mithran’s first movie, was a huge hit in the Telugu film industry. His new movie, Sardar, doesn’t have much in common with his other movies, but he is definitely the first Indian director to focus on bank and digital fraud.

The film immediately gets people’s attention because it has an interesting idea. There are some problems with the movie, but the non-linear story and interesting parts more than make up for them. The movie is a real-life spy story with universal themes that will appeal to a wide range of people. Once the flashback starts, the pace of the second half of the movie slows down, but it picks up again until the end. In the first act, there was a scandalous plot.

There are a few slow spots in the movie, but overall, it has everything it needs to keep people interested. Action and investigation scenes are what really pull you into Sardar’s world, and they are mixed with just the right amount of drama and heartbreaking moments to leave you feeling satisfied.

As a lawyer, Raasi Khanna did a great job in a thankless role. Malayali actress Rajisha Vijayan was great because her character had many different sides. Chunky Pandey is friendly. Karthi has done a good job of playing both the Father and the Son. Especially interesting is how many different clothes he can wear well.

The story of the movie is interesting because it’s about a spy who dies for his country but doesn’t get any thanks for it. We can see P.S. Mithran’s creative genius and how well he adapted the book to the movie, which is why he was able to keep the audience interested.
The technical side of Sardar is great, except for a few VFX scenes.

The colour tones and grading of the film, as well as the way George C. Williams shot it, are both strong points. Even though GV Prakash Kumar’s music is always exciting, the Telugu songs in this movie were disappointing because they had a lot of Tamil in them. But he made a name for himself with the BGM, which changed a few spots. The rest of the technical departments did very well. In the end, Sardar is a realistic spy movie that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Karthi Performance


Minus Points:

  • In the second half few scenes
  • Tamil Flavour

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