Venkatesh Hits and Flops Movies List

Venkatesh Hits and Flops Movies List: Daggubati Venkatesh, a Tollywood actor, is an Indian actor. His father, D Rama Naidu, is a Tollywood legend. Victory Venkatesh is the name given to him by the film industry in India. It has been a long and distinguished career for this actor from the South Indian film industry. He has won six Filmfare South awards in various categories over the last three decades, including the five Nandi Awards for best actor in Swarna Kamalam and the five Nandi Awards for best actor in Dharma Chakram and Ganesh.

Venkatesh Hits and Flops Movies ListAs the son of Telugu cinema producer D. Ramanaidu and his wife Rajeshwari, Venkatesh was born in Madras on December 13, 1960. Both Suresh Babu, his older brother, and Lakshmi, his younger sister, are involved in the film industry, with Suresh Babu heading up Suresh Productions. When he returned to India, he decided to become a Telugu film actor instead of a film producer. Venkatesh, along with his brother D. Suresh Babu, co-founded and starred in a number of films produced by Suresh Productions, India’s largest independent film production business in production. It is possible to read about both his triumphs and his setbacks here.

Venkatesh Hits and Flops Movies List

Sl.No. Film Release Date Verdict
1 Kaliyuga Pandavulu 14-Aug-86 Hit
2 Brahma Rudrulu 14-Nov-86 Flop
3 Ajeyudu 8-May-87 Average
4 Bharatamlo Arjunudu 29-May-87 Flop
5 Trimurtulu 29-May-87 Average
6 Vijetha Vikram 14-Aug-87 Flop
7 Srinivasa Kalyanam 25-Sep-87 Blockbuster
8 Raktha Tilakam 14-Jan-88 Super Hit
9 Swarna Kamalam 15-Jul-88 Flop
10 Brahma Puthrudu 27-Aug-88 Super Hit
11 Varasudochhadu 3-Oct-88 Hit
12 Prema 12-Jan-89 Hit
13 Ontari Poratam 18-May-89 Hit
14 Dhruva Nakshatram 29-Jun-89 Super Hit
15 Two Town Rowdy 29-Dec-89 Average
16 Aggiramudu 17-Apr-90 Flop
17 Bobbili Raja 14-Sep-90 Blockbuster
18 Shatruvu 2-Jan-91 Hit
19 Coolie No.1 12-Jun-91 Hit
20 Surya IPS 5-Sep-91 Average
21 Kshana Kshanam 9-Oct-91 Hit
22 Chanti 10-Jan-92 Blockbuster
23 Chinarayudu 7-Aug-92 Flop
24 Sundarakanda 2-Oct-92 Super Hit
25 Anari 26-Mar-93 Super Hit
26 Kondapalli Raja 9-Jul-93 Flop
27 Abbaigaru 30-Sep-93 Semi Hit
28 Super Police 23-Jun-94 Flop
29 Muddula Priyudu 1-Oct-94 Hit
30 Pokiri Raja 12-Jan-95 Flop
31 Taqdeerwala 12-May-95 Flop
32 Dharma Chakram 13-Jan-96 Blockbuster
33 Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya 9-Feb-96 Flop
34 Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu 22-May-96 Hit
35 Saradha Bullodu 9-Aug-96 Flop
36 Pavithra Bandham 17-Oct-96 Super Hit
37 Chinnabbayi 10-Jan-97 Flop
38 Preminchukundam Raa 9-May-97 Blockbuster
39 Pellichesukundam 9-Oct-97 Semi Hit
40 Suryavamsam 25-Feb-98 Super Hit
41 Ganesh 19-Jun-98 Hit
42 Premante Idera 30-Oct-98 Average
43 Raja 18-Mar-99 Blockbuster
44 Seenu 27-Aug-99 Super Hit
45 Kalisundam Raa 14-Jan-00 Super Hit
46 Jayam Manade Raa 7-Oct-00 Semi Hit
47 Devi Putrudu 14-Jan-01 Flop
48 Prematho Raa 9-May-01 Flop
49 Nuvvu Naaku Nachav 15-Sep-01 Hit
50 Vasu 10-Apr-02 Average
51 Gemeni 11-Oct-02 Flop
52 Vasantham 11-Jul-03 Super Hit
53 Malliswari 18-Feb-04 Hit
54 Gharshana 30-Jul-04 Flop
55 Sankranthi 18-Feb-05 Semi Hit
56 Subash Chandra Bose 22-Apr-05 Flop
57 Lakshmi 14-Jan-06 Blockbuster
58 Adavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule 27-Apr-07 Super Hit
59 Tulasi 12-Oct-07 Hit
60 Chintakayala Ravi 2-Oct-08 Average
61 Eenaadu 18-Sep-09 Hit
62 Namo Venkatesa 14-Jan-10 Hit
63 Nagavalli 16-Dec-10 Hit
64 Bodyguard 14-Jan-12 Hit
65 Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu 11-Jan-13 Super Hit
66 Shadow 26-Apr-13 Flop
67 Masala 14-Nov-13 Average
68 Drushyam 11-Jul-14 Blockbuster
69 Gopala Gopala 10-Jan-15 Hit
70 Babu Bangaram 12-Aug-16 Semi Hit
71 Guru 31-Mar-17 Average
72 F2: Fun and Frustration 12-Jan-19 Super Hit
73 Venky Mama 13-Dec-19 Hit
74 Narappa 20-Jul-21 Hit
75 Drusyam 2 25-Nov-21 Hit
76 F3 27-May-22 Hit
77 Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali Not Released Not Declared

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