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India Lockdown Hindi Movie Review: Madhur Bhandarkar is well-known for how well he portrays real-life people on screen. He always tries to base his movies on real people and the problems they face in their everyday lives. After the pandemic ended in 2020, he started making the movie “India Lockdown.” At long last, Zee5 is letting you stream this movie. Let’s take a closer look at this movie to see if it’s another one by Madhur Bhandarkar that’s worth seeing because it’s based on real events.

India Lockdown Hindi Movie Review 


In India Lockdown, the main characters are the migrant workers Madhav and Phoolmati, the sex worker Mehrunissa, the father M. Nageshwar Rao, and the flight attendant Moon Alves. The main theme of this movie is how the Indian government’s lockdown affected the lives of these characters.

Cast & Crew

Prateik Babbar, Sai Tamhankar, Shweta Basu Prasad, Aahana Kumar, Prakash Belawadi, and Zarin Shihab are among the cast members of the film India Lockdown. Madhur Bhandarkar is in charge of making the movie, and he and his wife, Renu Bhandarkar, are the producers. The cinematography is done by Keiko Nakahara and Palash Das.

Movie Name India Lockdown
Director Madhur Bhandarkar
Music Director Javed Shaikh
Producer Renu Bhandarkar & Madhur Bhandarkar
Genre Drama
Cast Prateik Babbar, Sai Tamhankar, Shweta Basu Prasad, Aahana Kumar, Prakash Belawadi, Zarin Shihab
Cinematography Palash Das & Keiko Nakahara


Filmmakers have made a lot of movies, TV shows, and short films about the problems and situations Indians went through after the outbreak. India Lockdown and other movies like it tried to show how hard it was for people from all walks of life to survive the pandemic. But all of the stories in this movie have already been told in many other movies and TV shows in many different languages.

The only thing that makes this movie worth watching is the story of Prateik Babbar and Sai Tamhankar. This part of the movie does a good job of showing how hard it is for people who have moved to cities to make a living to try to go back home. Even though there were some great performances in the movie, most people have seen similar movies before, so the script and production had little impact.

Prateik Babbar did a great job as Madhav, and he seems to be very at ease in the role. Sai Tamhankar does a great job as Prateik’s wife, and it’s nice to see her on screen. Shweta Basu Prasad did a great job in the role of the prostitute Mehrunissa. Prakash Belawadi did a great job as a father who is stuck in another city and tries to get in touch with his daughter. All of the actors, including Aahana Kumar, Zarin Shihab, and others, did a great job with their parts.

The movie India Lockdown doesn’t have great visuals. The music and sound effects in this movie aren’t very good, and they don’t add anything to the scenes. The cinematography by Palash Das and Keiko Nakahara is pretty average, and some of the colours are too bright. Normal production values were used to make the movie.

With “India Lockdown,” Madhur Bhandarkar failed again. Earlier this year, he made the movie “Babli Bouncer,” which wasn’t very good. Even though the movie tried to show how hard it was for Indians during the pandemic, the scenes based on these events didn’t have the emotional impact needed for the audience to care.

India Lockdown is mostly entertaining, but as a whole, it lacks a sense of interest and emotion that makes it easy to connect with.

Plus Points:

  • Performances
  • Few emotional scenes

Minus Points:

  • Routine scenes
  • Boring narration

Rating: 2.5/5

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